Love your Loft

STOP Spending on off site storage

Rejuvenate your loft space

Your loft is likely to be the single largest room in your house, show it some love with a professionally installed loft storage deck with access ladder and lighting.

Loft Boarding Services

Often working in a loft is hot, dusty, confined and not very well lit.

At Loft Boarding Services we are used to working in such an environment so you don’t have to!

We specialise in Loft Boarding, Ladders, Insulation and Hatches . Our  fully insured specialist installer will make every effort to complete your loft with minimal disruption to your normal day. Our top priority is your satisfaction.

What we offer

Loft Boarding

Turn your loft into a safe and praclical storage area. Loft Boarding Services are the approved
installer of LoftZone Storefloor. covering the NR, IP and CO postcodes.
A British designed and manufactured loft boarding system made specifically to allow the
recommended loft insulation depth of 270mm to be installed and crucially, it also allows correct
airflow around the loft boarding to prevent the build up of condensation.
LoftZone Storefloor is the only BBA approved system of its type for modem trussed roof designs
used in new builds across the UK.

Loft Insulatoin

Improve your homes energy efficiency by topping up your existing insulation to the recommended
depth of 270mm. Loft Boarding Services can top up your existing insulation as part of the whole loft
boarding package.

Loft Ladders

To gain safe access to your new loft we recommend installing a loft ladder. These ladders are
designed specifically for the use in UK lofts and stow away easily above the loft hatch. Choose
from either aluminium or timber loft ladders to suit your requirements.

Loft Hatches

To allow the correct functioning of your loft ladder you will need a drop down loft hatch. Loft
Boarding Services can re -size your existing loft hatch and install a drop down insulated loft hatch to
prevent draughts whilst enabling the easy access to your new loft storage area.

Loft Lighting

Loft Boarding Services can offer 2 options on lighting your new loft

Option 1 : Battery powered pull chord loft lights can be installed.
Option 2 : We can arrange for a certified electrician to install lighting within your oft complete with a
small works certificate.


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